Thursday, June 5, 2008


What you do the first few minutes after you burn yourself will determine how well your skin heals. Your cells continue to fry even after you have removed yourself from the heat source. It is important to bring down the temperature of the injured tissues quickly so below I have listed somethings that help.

  • Put the minor burn in cold water: Keep the burned area in a container for up to 2 hours, or until there is no more pain when you take it out. Only use cold water for superficial burns that cover a small area and if the skin is unbroken.
  • Keep it clean: Wash area with a mild soap to remove bacteria.
  • Use Aloe: After you have cooled the burn apply aloe. Aloe may help shorten the healing time. If you don' have an aloe plant then use a lotion or cream that contains aloe. But choose one that does not contain alcohol, because the alcohol tends to neutralize the aloe.
  • Grab the Preparation H: Preparation H contains a live yeast derivative which can speed up the wound healing process. Put a little on the burn and cover with a bandage making sure to change the dressing daily.
  • Oatmeal Bath: If you have a sunburn then fill the tub with cool water and add an oatmeal bath soak. Always follow the directions on the package to see how long you need to soak. Don't use breakfast oatmeal because the flakes are too large so they will do no good.

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